A.J. – Tattooing since 2003.

“I enjoy all forms of tattoo styles, and I don’t think any one style stands out to me more than any other.  I do enjoy the challenge involved in cover up tattoos.  There is a base enjoyment in helping someone who’s embarrassed or afraid to show off a tattoo either due to poor judgment or bad work.  To see them smile again and be proud of their tattoo means a lot.  I am a huge fan of people not following the flock when it comes to getting their ink, and I will do all I can to try to help people avoid the ‘sheepeople’ tattoo scenario. A person should be able to express themselves as uniquely as possible.  In a way, tattoo artists are therapists.  Listening to a client’s problems and then helping them find a path through by expressing their journey on their skin is the highlight of my career.”

“As well as tattooing, I’m also a spray paint artist specializing in landscapes. I enjoy all drawing, painting, and sculpting in mixed mediums.  I like to be able to look at the world around me and reject it.  Then take the parts that are mundane or ordinary, and change them into something different, after all….we are creators by nature.”

“Die With A Name.” – A.J. Sklba

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